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Small molecule chromatography column
The first choice for the analysis of small molecule compounds such as drugs, food, and traditional Chinese medicine, with high column efficiency, strong stability, and good reproducibility...
Large molecule separation chromatography column
Suitable for biomolecular analysis of antibody conjugated drugs/peptides/proteins/polysaccharides/aggregates/DNA/RNAs/oligonucleotides, etc...
(Half) Preparation of columns and chromatographic
Gas chromatography column
High inertness, low loss, superior performance in improving separation, diverse types of fixed phases, large polarity span, and ability to solve various application challenges.
Other laboratory consumables
Laboratory universal chromatographic consumables, injection bottles, filters, high-quality materials, high compatibility, and convenient use
Sample pre-treatment products
Advantages in sample pretreatment, enrichment, and impurity removal, with a complete range of specifications and various filler matrices, suitable for the development of solid-phase extraction methods
About Us
A high-tech enterprise specializing in high-performance chromatographic separation materials

      Onetwo Chromatographic Technology Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in high-performance chromatographic separation materials. The company integrates independent research and development, large-scale production, and sales, and is committed to developing overall solutions for laboratory separation and purification. On the basis of providing products, it further provides overall laboratory construction, personnel training, laboratory certification, chromatographic purification process formulation and optimization, etc. The company relies on the fruitful scientific research achievements of Professor Wang Changchun (recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and enjoying the special contribution allowance of the State Council) in the field of functional microspheres, and has industrialized the development of monodisperse polymer microspheres, silica gel microspheres, and hybrid functional microspheres.

Onetwo Chromatography


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